Liberty Mutual Product Protects California Businesses

This article first appeared in Business Insurance on April 6, 2017.

Liberty Mutual Insurance Co. on Thursday said its new loss of energy investment tax credit coverage provides replacement cost coverage for California businesses for direct physical loss or damage to energy property.

The coverage is designed to protect owners, developers and investors from financial loss stemming from damage to energy property, such as solar panels mounted to the roof of a commercial building, the insurer said in a statement.

The coverage indemnifies the insured for the costs of fines and penalties that may be assessed by the IRS relating to the recapture of investment tax credits.

It also will reimburse policyholders for resulting loss of energy investment tax credits, indemnifying policyholders for fines and penalties that may be assessed by the federal and state tax authorities related to the recapture of investment tax credits, Liberty Mutual said.

The coverage responds to the resulting recapture of investment tax credits that were granted for energy property, in accordance with Section 48 of the Internal Revenue Code, according to the statement.

“The new product responds to the need of California companies who have taken advantage of federal and state Investment Tax Credit programs to install solar equipment,” Randi Glazer, Walnut Creek, California-based inland marine underwriting consultant, said in the statement. “Should the solar equipment become damaged and taken offline, a company may lose an important revenue stream. It may also face fines and the need to repay some portion of the dollar-for-dollar tax credit received by installing the equipment.”

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Randi Glazer: Three Reasons to Earn an MBA

Randi Glazer is an underwriting professional who earned a Master of Business Administration degree to further her career in underwriting, and give her the tools she needs to take on more responsibility. The rewards for earning an MBA can be great in almost any industry around the world. Here are three reasons to earn your MBA:

  • An MBA is a career booster. Randi Glazer created many opportunities for herself by earning her MBA. You can also boost your career by changing it. Having an MBA means that you can explore other options in other industries using the same skill set.
  • You’ll make more money. The majority of graduates of MBA programs say they recoup a third of the initial cost of going to school almost immediately after they graduate. In four years, many MBA degree holders like Randi Glazer report they earned the entirety of the cost of getting the degree back.
  • Your employer could foot the bill. Many employers help their employees earn MBA degrees to encourage them to rise in their company. It’s usually in their best interest to support employees who want to earn an advanced degree. They are supporting the next wave of leaders in their company..

Her options are growing because of her MBA degree. She recommends earning an MBA to anyone interested in business or wealth management.

Visit for more information about her.

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Randi Glazer: Communicating Effectively at Work

Compelling work environment correspondence is an imperative part of being effective at your occupation. For those in administration parts, as Randi Glazer, it is significantly more basic. When you discuss adequately with a group, it wipes out any false impressions and also empower a solid workplace for representatives.


Taking after are ways you can successfully speak with your group.

  • Always be fresh, clear, and compact with your interchanges. Make certain to alter yourself, incorporate specifics, and keep it short.
  • Don’t cover your most essential point amidst your discourse. Continuously hit the feature first.

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Randi Glazer – Why Teamwork is Important in Any Business

Different individuals do whatever they can to swear off filling in as a social affair. Whether it is in light of the way that they had a frightful trouble up to this time, or they would just rather work alone, different individuals fear the word facilitated exertion in the work environment.

Randi Glazer is not one of those individuals. She blossoms with working by and by with her accomplices.

Randi comprehends that working with a social occasion purposes of interest her truly, and furthermore extraordinary for her alliance general. Working with a social affair is remarkable for your self-change and goes far toward making your work more direct……… read more

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Dr. Sid Solomon Discusses Steps for Becoming a Sommelier

For anyone who has ever acted on the advice of a Master Sommelier, it should be plainly evident that the amount of knowledge possessed by these wine experts is simply beyond description.

With the guidance these wine aficionados are able to provide, wine enthusiasts are able to not only select a wine that pairs exceptionally well with a particular meal, but they are also able to develop a much deeper understanding of the many factors influencing the unique experience associated with a particular bottle.

As Dr. Sid Solomon has pointed out, a depth of knowledge such as that possessed by a Master Sommelier requires a total devotion to education that can last for many years.

from Randi Glazer

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John Pryor Strength Training Advice: Are There Any Risks or Rewards Associated With Wine Consumption?

One of the most compelling questions regarding strength training and nutrition involves not only what should be included to generate the greatest possible fitness gains, but also what should be excluded to avoid the possibility of negating the benefits of fitness training. For John Pryor, strength training principles and nutritional guidelines are just not simple enough that they can be defined as either “good” or “bad.”

Instead, John Pryor, rugby strength and conditioning coordinator for the Japan Rugby Football Union, advocates for an approach that is individualized according to the specific needs of the athlete and is therefore able to yield the best possible result. When it comes to developing a nutrition plan to include alongside a fitness program, there is indeed some room to include a modest amount of wine consumption.

from Randi Glazer

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Randi Glazer: Ways to Earn Your MBA

Randi Glazer is a well-respected and dedicated professional who worked hard to earn her Master of Business Administration degree (MBA). With many years of experience in her field, she has worked in underwriting, customer service, marketing, organizational leadership, and business development. The education she received at American InterContinental University, where she graduated Summa Cum Ladue for her MBA in International/Global Studies, helped her form a great foundation for all success she has today.

Many professionals, like Randi Glazer, have found that earning their MBA degree helps them achieve their career goals, like getting a promotion, raise, or new opportunity. But it can be difficult for some working professionals to manage a full working schedule and go back to school to further their education. Thankfully, many MBA programs take this into consideration and offer unique programs to fit into busy schedules. There are program schedules to fit almost every schedule, some that offer classes on weekends or at night, and online classes.

Below are some of the MBA programs that may be available, depending on the school and area.

Full-Time MBA Program

This program’s classes fall within the normal school year, beginning in August or September and ending in May with breaks for winter holidays and summer. Classes are typically on weekends and the program usually requires 60 credits or approximately 600 class hours of work.

Accelerated MBA Program

This program has the same amount of work required as a typical full-time MBA program, but in a shorter timeline, typically around a year. This means students have less time off between semesters, so no long summer or winter breaks. This can be a great option for those trying to watch costs because they may not be as expensive as a normal program. They do however require more time and effort from the student because of the accelerated timeline.

Part-Time MBA Program

This is a great option for working professionals because classes are typically held at on week nights or weekends so they won’t interfere with a work schedule. Because most of the students in these classes are working professionals, they have a lighter course load, giving students the ability to balance work and school. This does mean the duration of classes is longer though, typically around three years. There are also programs that offer a full-time workload at night and on weekends for professionals that want to finish their degree quicker.


Many of the programs offer classes online or a combination of online and in class so students can better balance work and school. Randi Glazer is proud to have earned her MBA.

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