Randi Glazer: American InterContinental University

Randi Glazer has seen the benefits of working hard to earn not only her Bachelor’s degree but going back to school to get her Master of Business Administration degree. She has worked in udnerwriting for many years successfully helping companies by creating profitable books of business, no matter the industry or product line. She earned her MBA at American InterContinental University or AIU for short. It is an international for-profit university owned by Career Education Corporation.

 AIU was founded by Jack and Helen Barnette from Atlanta in Lucerne, Switzerland in 1970. Its original name was the American Fashion College of Switzerland. Associate and Bachelor’s degrees were first offered to students in 1974, three years after the school was recognized as an American degree awarding institution. The name and location of the school were again changed in 1978, when the school became known as the American College for the Applied Arts and its main campus moved to London. There was an additional campus open two years prior, in 1976, in Atlanta, Georgia.

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AIU received its current name in 1996 when Steve Bostic bought the school. The school was purchased in 2001 by the publicly traded operator of for-profit schools, Career Education Corporation and now has branch campuses in several counties and states. The study body has expanded like the number of campuses to the point that AIU has over 15,000 students. They offer a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees, where more than 80% of students attend class online.

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Randi Glazer: Tips For Effective Team Communication

Randi Glazer needs to work in teams frequently in her work in the business. She helps businesses develop effective programs and policies to streamline internal processes and increase productivity. This often requires working with members of the client organization as well as colleagues from her company.

With such diverse groups, it can be difficult for some to see eye to eye and effectively communicate. Randi Glazer follows some tips to make sure every member’s voice is heard and every person has a fair vote.

No bragging allowed

In order for all members to feel comfortable sharing ideas or suggestions, no member should brag if their idea was used over someone else’s. This prevents members from getting a big head if their idea is chosen and from other members from bring offended. In the same regard, members are not allowed to put down others ideas and should instead offer constructive criticism with actionable suggestions on how the idea can be tweaked to work.

Practice active listening

When a member of the group is presenting a new idea or commenting on one, the entire group must actively listen, adding questions or comments after the person has finished speaking. This helps prevent members from repeating ideas or comments and keeps everyone respectful to others.

Don’t blame others

Make sure members do not blame each other for missed deadlines or late projects. It is important for team members not to become the fall person, especially in from of a superior. If there is a continual issue with one group member, take it to the group leader and decide on appropriate action together.

Randi Glazer enjoys leading teams and working towards achieving common goals.


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Randi Glazer: Why It’s Important To Have Underwriting

Randi Glazer has worked as an professional for many years, dedicating her time and efforts to making sure her clients are satisfied. She earned both her bachelor’s and MBA degrees to have a solid foundation to build her experience on. Randi Glazer has earned a reputation of being a driven, trustworthy professional that is always honest with her clients and colleagues.

She tries to educate people on the importance of having underwriting and how it can impact someone’s personal or professional life. Although there are many reasons people choose to get consultation some of the main ones are talked are transferring risk and protecting your assets, whether they are people or property.

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Transferring risk is one of the most common reasons people cite when asked why they chose to get underwriting for their property or belongings. The purpose of consultation is to be able to transfer financial responsibility from the owner of the property to the company. In the case of an accident where something was damaged or someone was harmed, the company would then be responsible for taking care of the issue. In exchange, the owner needs to pay a premium, paying for the possibility of there being an accident or issue in the future.

Protecting property or people is another main reason people have consultation. This ensures that any damage or harm done to one’s property or loved ones won’t leave them financially responsible. This type of consultation can come in many forms with different options for each type of underwriting, covering things from automobiles to death.

Randi Glazer loves helping clients better understand how underwriting can help them stay financially in control.

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Randi Glazer: Should You Earn Your P&C License?

Randi Glazer has worked in the industry for many years, building the reputation of being dependable, hardworking, and knowledgeable. She worked hard to earn the degrees and licenses she holds today. She spent her undergraduate years at SUNY Geneseo and got her MBA degree from American InterContinental University.

She spent her undergraduate years at SUNY Geneseo and got her MBA degree from American InterContinental University. Randi Glazer also choose to get her property and casualty license. Any agent who has this distinction can sell P&C policies which are some of the most common types.

P&C involves any policy dealing with personal property like land or buildings and casualty coverage includes liability issues like losses due to crime or accidents. Because these are some of the most commons types of underwriting, each time of has different options and coverage levels to suit the needs of each individual.

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Just with other options related to home ownership, there are coverage options for floods, umbrella liability, windstorm, among others. Many policies have limits though, which can include but are not limited to: earth movements like sinkholes and earthquakes, water, war and nuclear hazards, neglect, improper construction, and intentional loss.

When preparing for the P&C exam in their state, many students choose to enroll in a recuperation or study program to increase their odds of scoring well on their exam. There are several options when choosing their program. Many of the programs are available partially or totally online to make it easier for students to manage their time.  They may also include test simulations and offer sample questions to help students become familiar with the type and formatting of possible test questions.

These programs can help many students earning their P&C license like Randi Glazer did.

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Randi Glazer: The Importance of Communication in Team Work

In many professions, it is important for colleagues to work together in teams. This concept is true for professional Randi Glazer and her team members in the industry. Although team work can be a great and effective way for individual sparks to grow into complete theories and has led to some of the biggest discoveries, it can also be challenging to have a group of people, each with individual ideas, come together to compromise on the correct course of action.

Communication among team members is essential to understand one another and to complete projects in a timely manner.

It may sound self-explanatory but in order for effective communication, team members have to communicate with one another. This means bringing up issues and problems as they arise so they can be effectively solved instead of letting things fester and problems become larger. It is a good practice to get into to prevent conflicts from escalating both within the team environment and in the workplace in general.

Another important aspect of communication within a team is supporting others ideas and offering constructive criticism. Even if you don’t personally agree with the idea, it is important to look at it from all sides and how it can help the team as a whole develop similar ideas or solve the problem. But it is also important to be honest with pitfalls you may see with the idea. Make sure to do this in a way the points out the issues with explanations and doesn’t attack the member proposing the idea instead.

Randi Glazer uses techniques like these when she is leading or working in a team environment at work. She enjoys the collaboration with people from different backgrounds and opinions so there can be an exchange of new ideas.

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Randi Glazer: State University of New York College at Geneseo

Randi Glazer is a successful and dedicated underwriting professional. She has worked in the business for many years.

Randi Glazer holds an MBA in International/Global Studies and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, which she received from the State University of New York College at Geneseo.

The State University of New York College at Geneseo is also known as Geneseo State College, SUNY Geneseo, or Geneseo and is located in Livingston Country. The school was originally named the Wadsworth Normal and Training School when it opened in 1871. It became a state liberal arts college in 1948. Currently, it is a member of the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges.

SUNY Geneseo is a four year public liberal arts college with 48 undergraduate majors, 25 interdisciplinary minors, and 6 graduate programs. There are about 5,000 students enrolled yearly with an average class size of 25 students. Geneseo is considered a “space-grant” institution because it is part of the New York Space Grant Consortium. This gets them grants from NASA for outer-space related research on campus.

SUNY Geneseo was rated the number one “Best Value Public College” for out of state students and sixth in the country for instate students in 2008. It has made it onto multiple best of type lists across several years. It is no wonder why alumni of Geneseo chose the school. Especially if they were education, business, social sciences, biology, or psychology since they are the most popular majors at the school.

Randi Glazer chooses to study Economics while at SUNY Geneseo.

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Randi Glazer: Why Life May Be A Good Investment

Randi Glazer enjoys working with teams and helping companies reach their financial goals by developing effective business books and ideas that will increase profits.

Although she doesn’t deal directly with selling Randi Glazer has worked in a variety of roles in the field. Life protection is an important type of underwriting to consider that can have many benefits for your loved ones. Many people think of it as an investment for their family’s future.

It can protect your loved ones. Many families struggle after losing one of the members with an income because they depend on the money to help manage the family finances. By having life protection, your family wouldn’t have to worry about getting extra jobs to pay the bills or where they will find money to keep food on the table. You will be leaving behind a security net for them to rely on.

It can be used to settle your debts. Many people live day to day with some level of debt. Whether it is old student loans, a car payment, mortgage, or credit card bills, someone has to deal with the debt you leave behind after death. Having a life protection policy can help your family settle those debts and not have to worry about being responsible to pay them off after you are gone.

There are many reasons people choose to invest in life for their family and loved ones after they are gone. As an underwriting professional, Randi Glazer has met clients that have for a multitude of reasons.

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Visit http://randiglazer.net for more information about her.

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