Randi Glazer: Why It’s Important To Have Underwriting

Randi Glazer has worked as an professional for many years, dedicating her time and efforts to making sure her clients are satisfied. She earned both her bachelor’s and MBA degrees to have a solid foundation to build her experience on. Randi Glazer has earned a reputation of being a driven, trustworthy professional that is always honest with her clients and colleagues.

She tries to educate people on the importance of having underwriting and how it can impact someone’s personal or professional life. Although there are many reasons people choose to get consultation some of the main ones are talked are transferring risk and protecting your assets, whether they are people or property.

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Transferring risk is one of the most common reasons people cite when asked why they chose to get underwriting for their property or belongings. The purpose of consultation is to be able to transfer financial responsibility from the owner of the property to the company. In the case of an accident where something was damaged or someone was harmed, the company would then be responsible for taking care of the issue. In exchange, the owner needs to pay a premium, paying for the possibility of there being an accident or issue in the future.

Protecting property or people is another main reason people have consultation. This ensures that any damage or harm done to one’s property or loved ones won’t leave them financially responsible. This type of consultation can come in many forms with different options for each type of underwriting, covering things from automobiles to death.

Randi Glazer loves helping clients better understand how underwriting can help them stay financially in control.

About Randi Glazer

Randi Glazer is a senior underwriting professional who has a track record of building profitable books of business.
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