Randi Glazer: Should You Earn Your P&C License?

Randi Glazer has worked in the industry for many years, building the reputation of being dependable, hardworking, and knowledgeable. She worked hard to earn the degrees and licenses she holds today. She spent her undergraduate years at SUNY Geneseo and got her MBA degree from American InterContinental University.

She spent her undergraduate years at SUNY Geneseo and got her MBA degree from American InterContinental University. Randi Glazer also choose to get her property and casualty license. Any agent who has this distinction can sell P&C policies which are some of the most common types.

P&C involves any policy dealing with personal property like land or buildings and casualty coverage includes liability issues like losses due to crime or accidents. Because these are some of the most commons types of underwriting, each time of has different options and coverage levels to suit the needs of each individual.

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Just with other options related to home ownership, there are coverage options for floods, umbrella liability, windstorm, among others. Many policies have limits though, which can include but are not limited to: earth movements like sinkholes and earthquakes, water, war and nuclear hazards, neglect, improper construction, and intentional loss.

When preparing for the P&C exam in their state, many students choose to enroll in a recuperation or study program to increase their odds of scoring well on their exam. There are several options when choosing their program. Many of the programs are available partially or totally online to make it easier for students to manage their time.  They may also include test simulations and offer sample questions to help students become familiar with the type and formatting of possible test questions.

These programs can help many students earning their P&C license like Randi Glazer did.

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About Randi Glazer

Randi Glazer is a senior underwriting professional who has a track record of building profitable books of business.
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