Randi Glazer: The Importance of Communication in Team Work

In many professions, it is important for colleagues to work together in teams. This concept is true for professional Randi Glazer and her team members in the industry. Although team work can be a great and effective way for individual sparks to grow into complete theories and has led to some of the biggest discoveries, it can also be challenging to have a group of people, each with individual ideas, come together to compromise on the correct course of action.

Communication among team members is essential to understand one another and to complete projects in a timely manner.

It may sound self-explanatory but in order for effective communication, team members have to communicate with one another. This means bringing up issues and problems as they arise so they can be effectively solved instead of letting things fester and problems become larger. It is a good practice to get into to prevent conflicts from escalating both within the team environment and in the workplace in general.

Another important aspect of communication within a team is supporting others ideas and offering constructive criticism. Even if you don’t personally agree with the idea, it is important to look at it from all sides and how it can help the team as a whole develop similar ideas or solve the problem. But it is also important to be honest with pitfalls you may see with the idea. Make sure to do this in a way the points out the issues with explanations and doesn’t attack the member proposing the idea instead.

Randi Glazer uses techniques like these when she is leading or working in a team environment at work. She enjoys the collaboration with people from different backgrounds and opinions so there can be an exchange of new ideas.

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About Randi Glazer

Randi Glazer is a senior underwriting professional who has a track record of building profitable books of business.
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