Randi Glazer: an experienced underwriter & successful consultant

Randi Glazer is an experienced underwriter and successful consultant who has worked for several different companies before starting her own consulting firm.

She possesses those qualifications that make an underwriter standout such as a keen ability to analyze information and paying attention to detail. An underwriter must possess good judgment so they can make sound decisions.

It is imperative that underwriters have good communications and interpersonal skills which is also something Randi Glazer has.

This is because much of her responsibilities involved dealing with agents and other professionals who may need help understanding the terms. Another key factor that makes Randi good at what she does, she is continually educating herself.

Even experienced underwriters need to continue to learn about the latest changes and trends within the industry to ensure they are staying within compliance.

As an underwriting expert, Randi Glazer is skilled in many different aspects of underwriting.  Her specialties include surplus lines property, admitted property, non-admitted property, property package, excess property, programs and automatic facilities, specialty property risks and programs, admitted and non-admitted inland marine risks and programs, E & S Property, E & S inland marine, program business, program and portfolio management, client development, start-up operations, Lloyd’s syndicates, expert witness work, business consulting.

Randi Glazer has held many high-level positions throughout her career from Assistant Vice President to Underwriting Director.

Randi Glazer is a highly-trained professional who has many years of experience in the industry. Her former role as Assistant Vice President of Hiscox USA, Inc, gave her the opportunity to showcase her expertise. She contributed to the development of th department’s Policy Forms and Endorsements.

She also assisted in creating marketing brochures.  Randi was responsible for Trademarking “super-flex” for use on policies issued that was trade marking the corporate policy name and pursued program opportunities through industry conferences. She also participated in monthly peer review audits confirming compliance with corporate guidelines.

She also has a specific management style that she feels is effective and helps her motivate her team to get the job done. Randi keeps herself accountable to her employees. She believes that employees input should be heard and valued.

Randi Glazer takes the approach to building trust from the bottom up with each of her employees. She also wants to give her team a voice and feels listening to their opinions helps her gain perspective.

She has a proven track record of effectively building profitable portfolios and programs in multiple industries and product lines for admitted and non-admitted businesses.

She felt it was necessary to take notes about what she thought other managers were doing incorrectly and made sure to keep those actions out of her own leadership style.

About Randi Glazer

Randi Glazer is a senior underwriting professional who has a track record of building profitable books of business.
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